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Trusting your children comes from

Trusting your self as parents and also being open to inputs and newer learning’s along the way . We all falter and that is perfectly ok! Often inputs are feed backs which are misread as criticism and if looked and heard into deeply they can be of immense value . How you as parents view your self is how your children learn to view themselves and that can be very potent. However if and when you encounter difficulties reach out .. often to your children ,talk to them tell them Where u are stuck and how your child’s input and opinion is of immense value to u and if they are too small then to professionals if possible ... you will be surprised how wonderfully clearing that can be , also being vulnerable at certain points in time is ok as it normalises it and it becomes ok!! “Our ability to be with our emotions is determined a lot by our parents ability for the same when we were children”

Normalising feelings in front of children is actually beneficial for their emotional growth as it allows and helps children see how it is ok for the parent to say, cry at times.

When a parent is upset it often leaves the child feeling frightened and confused as they are still exploring and learning about their own emotional journey . At a later time when u have stepped out of it please have a candid talk with your children and explain that you were having an emotional moment and that it is OK as long as it is not vented out on other family members and does not get ugly , as a responsible adult we can look into this aspect and work on it . You are giving a lot of strength to your children in their distinct journey...

Will come in again next week Good luck Deepti kathpalia ( counsellor , Therapist and a Parenting Coach)

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