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The endless days to never ending nights... I stand wilted like a plant.. broken and desperate .. that i might be saved!! I gather myself slowly and gently with all the might..

The many masks that i wear help me drift through the days The nights, so cold and scary and so long...i shut my eyes tight that I might get some sleep hoping to be alive and full of life...but alas!!

The worry.. the anxiety.. the panics all my companions, knock me down with deafening heartbeats !!! making my world crazier and chaotic... Yet!! i continue to appear happy, funny and high on life.. and that is exhausting, very exhausting.

I diligently latch on to the ropes of hope that another day will be better.. I gaze into the distance, trying to count the many dark spots.. looking past for the flood of lights.. but all I see is deeper darkness at the end of the long tunnel..

left beaten, left tired.. my courage helps me find my way back to some known place... wishing it was safe ...ah!! i am tired i am forlorn!!

Often i make my tears fade away In the hope that the pain too would fade away.. The weight of which i carry with me ...

Today i set out to befriend the rain bows, which i had often ignored. . As i decide to love and accept myself I fight off these demons of crushing darkness.. The dark tunnels seem shorter there appear embers of lights in the far end.. as i inch my way slowly towards the newness!! I sense the dark weight of pain and anguish lighten!!

This journey is long and ardous but I know i am heading somewhere brighter!!


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