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Parents ... Another one after a gap

" Anger is a big divide between parents and children and sets a chain of behavioural concerns ,

Children , when they see their parents angry also see them losing control .

If you are an angry parent more often than not you are raising an angry child.

Do check with your own childhood and see if there are similar situations where you too were often subjected to the same treatment as your own children.

Your own anger is often an outlet of some underlying concerns and frustrations, they could be a certain stress or breakdown of dialogue between you and your spouse or intimate moments ... The lack of that adult contact can invariably leads to emotional meltdowns.

Identify the triggers if and when you can and by making a mental note or better if you can write them down ... Doing this you have a larger chance of doing better next time.

It is very very important to acknowledge that anger is getting in the way of your relationships, especially with you children.

Once you do that the first step to betterment is already taken as it is the denial which acts a major roadblock ..

Invariably due to many reasons we never complete with our children, as in never talk about our vulnerabilities, it is very important to do that , firstly it can be liberating and secondly you are then in rapport with your child and together there can be better understanding of situations.. It somewhere starts a journey to taking collective responsibility...

Think about it!!

Good luck

Deepti kathpalia

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