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Third in d series .... "Your children will rarely do what you say but definitely do what you do" Remember this ..

Be parents by example .. "How you treat your family members, friends neighbours and your own self is one of the finest and valuable lesson you give to your child"

Your acrimony, your kindness, your self worth, your ability to show gratitude for all the small and big things, how you talk about your child's school, teachers and the institution is learning for your child. The message is being subtly picked by your child and soon becomes a part of his value system. You whine about mundane things your child learns to do the same and soon starts blaming the whole world for his failings or problems, thereby shirking all responsibility for his actions and choices.

Family decisions and limits should ideally be set together with children being a part of the decision making, by doing this they feel valued and respected, more often than not honour them too.


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