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--Energies in and around us play a very dynamic role in our lives and impact our entire being. This energy flow is constant in our life and stops only when life ceases. This energy flow is hindered in our homes due to clutter that we keep collecting, often much that is not being used or oddly placed furniture items or too crowded homes which prevent this flow and start manifesting in the form of difficulties and illnesses. Remember if you can easily move around different rooms in your house starting from a clean and a clutter free entrance, these energies also move the Same way.

--our emotions are closely connected with these energies, they are intertwined and interdependent, ie: emotions affect our energies and energies affect our emotions. When we are happy, secure and contented the energy flow is smooth and uninterrupted and positively impacts our physical body too, but sadness, worry, anger and fear etc, create an imbalance and thus impact our physical being. Take the example of stress which is essentially an emotional state of being but leads to headaches, sleeplessness, indigestion and stomach problems and heart problems too. In Chinese medicine, it is believed and has been tabulated too, that chronic fear has caused kidney problems as does anger harm the liver.

--Healing through AROMATHERAPY, ACUPRESSURE, MAGNETIC THERAPY, HYPNOTHERAPY, HOMEOPATHY, MASSAGE, YOGA is known to be very very effective and curative too.

-- As we begin by healing the CHAKRAS, these are the non physical energy centres in our body. They are located along our spine, yes we cannot see these chakras but we can definitely sense them. Our emotions and attitude majorly impact these chakras. These CHAKRAS are:- Root chakra Sacral chakra Solar plexus chakra Heart chakra Throat chakra Brow chakra Crown chakra.

( Will share simple and detailed information about each chakra next and soon) Deepti kathpalia

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